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I proudly use  Vegan/Plant based ingredients which is incorporated into the  Natural Bar that is customised to your skin and needs prior to your treatment. My belief is, "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin. The secret gift I bring into all my treatments  is Breath work, Pure silence and always work with reiki energy. All my treatments  take you on a Aromatherapy journey that will take you on a wonderful holiday in less than a day at Bronte Bliss Spa.


The Serenity Vibration/Energy & Enlightenment Technique
This is a NEW opportunity to receive a high vibrational and a healing treatment that will positively transform your whole energy system and leave you feeling cocooned in love & rebalanced .This 'add-on service' will support & transform your physical , emotional, spiritual & mental well being.

Spicy Delight Treatment

90 min

This treatment is all about RESTORING, COCOONING &

NURTURING. This deluxe treatment starts with;  Dry Body Brushing, hot coconut oil, sweet orange, cloves, black pepper,cardamon, fennel, then cocooned in these spices, while you're taken away with a hot lemongrass, coconut Indian Head Massage and finish with an organic Chai Tea.





​Re-Energizing  Massage
30 min  (only as a add on)
|60 min |90 min

Rebalance, re-energise and relax using essential oils to calm the nerves and soothe even the most tired bodies.


60 min $125

The application of Reflexology ranges from relaxation and stress reduction (through improving circulation and nerve supply), to the treating of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Maternity and Hormone Balance is my speciality.

​Re-Balancing  Massage
​​60 min 

Calm flowing gentle massage. Will calm the nerves and take you on a peaceful journey, escaping the pressures of everyday life.

Indian Head Massage
​​30 min (only as add on)​
60 min $125

Hot Organic Coconut oil and Lemongrass essential oil applied to pressure points to relieve the tension and soothe even the most tired, monkey minded heads.

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​Hot Stones Massage
60 min $125

The Hot Stones warm sore, tired and stressed bodies,

and leaves you with a feeling of being re-energised

and renewed. The aromatherapy journey will take

you to a blissful place.

​Specialised Body Treatment
​​30 min (only as add on)
60 min

Hydro-Active, Mineral Salts, Body Exfoliation, Enzymatic, Sea Mud Wrap, Herbal Wrap.

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